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pc蛋蛋官方网址   Living in the countryside, problems such as the traffic jam, housing problem and industrial pollution which may puzzle the citizens can't be exist.

  People lead a simple life in pure nature. There is much less noise and pollution than the city.

  The idyllic pastoral scene which make up with the first cockcrow, the twittering of birds at dawn, the sight of the rising sun glinting on the trees and pastures is only part of the picture。

  Obviously, the environment is good for human’s health. But rural life may not be that perfect.

  People usually lack cultural activities。 Things go fairly slowly there。

  What's more, they also miss some golden opportunities of making a fortune。


  Many years ago, before Chinagot developed, people dreamed to live in the city, because the life in city was colorful, everyone was chasing for the prosperity, the attracting thing for the city life lies in that people will find the chance to get succeed.

  Now,Chinahas been developing, the citizens start to chase the country life, they like the quiet environment, the air is much fresh.

  City life and country life, which is better? City life is convenient, people can buy what they want, while the country life is quiet and peaceful, I think the old prefer the country life, the young prefer the city life.

pc蛋蛋官方网址   People in different stage will chase for different life, that makes the difference.


  Life in the city is very different from life in the villages and on the farms. People in large cities are much more careful to respect the privacy of the individual.

  Sometimes this feeling seems to be one of indifference, but it is a convention of city life to curb one‘s curiosity about the personal affairs of strangers.

  Villagers and farmers are likely to show a great deal of interest in all their neighbors。

pc蛋蛋官方网址   Opportunities for bright young people are greater in the cities and there has been a steady stream of hopeful jobseekers from the villages and farms to the large metropolitan areas.


pc蛋蛋官方网址   The life in the village is very simple. In the daytime, people get up early.

  They make breakfast, clean the house and feed the animals.

  After breakfast, they go out and start their farm work. Sometimes, they stay outside all the day.

  They come home until the sunset。

  Because of the hardwork, farmers usually go to sleep very early.

  They have to have a good rest to prepare for the next day.



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